A++ is an open way of thinking that encompasses today’s architecture and design environment and their cross interdependencies, cross disciplinary and cross cultural influences.

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The style of this villa is elegant and contemporary, welcoming and sophisticated, proportionate and almost austere in its perfection, surrounded by greenery on the outskirts of Milan.
This house is the creation of the architecture studio A++, which has studied and developed it to the millimeter, making it a masterpiece of quality made in Italy.

The villa, located in a residential area, has been entirely built from scratch following a new architectural-compositional language, although the previous layouts in the perimeters and heights have been respected. The heart of the project is GREEN, as the cooling and heating systems are on the floor, and the entire project is equipped with solar panels.
With 1000 square meters of surface, the building is located on a steep terrain excavated to make room for the pool, the technical rooms and the garage.
The floor dedicated to the living area is south-facing and is occupied by the studio, the TV-relax space, the guest rooms and service rooms. It is connected to the outdoor area and overlooks the swimming pool, surrounded by the large terrace.
On the ground floor we find the living areas, the dining area, the kitchen, and the more formal services.

On the first floor, facing north, are located the sleeping areas: three rooms are ready to give you a sense of intimacy. A++ has enhanced the geometric purity by realizing everything to measure – from doors to wall paneling, and then containers, wardrobes, bathrooms – combining craftsmanship with industrial excellence. Each room is furnished with contemporary design and art, giving the house original finishes that do not follow the usual patterns.
But what makes this building truly unique, are the impressive full-length windows that make light the true protagonist of these spaces. It is, without any doubt, a house that lives of transparency and light.

Matter also plays a fundamental role: it is in fact a visual and tactile experience. Let’s look at the stairs for example: they impose themselves with their linear figure almost as if they were a plastic abstraction. The stairs are made of blocks of stone collected in a bronze structure that during the evening are illuminated by the LEDs that punctuate the boiserie with bands.

During the day, however, the sun’s rays give the interior other soft tones, chiaroscuro and contrasts of light on the surfaces. The absolute white of the material-chromatic palette of the exteriors, meets in the interiors the contrasting warmth of the dark stained oak wood that matches floors and walls.