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This project consists of 2 blocks connected to each other by a green and paved strip. This green area is also equipped with an outdoor swimming pool. The positioning of the two buildings on the ground was determined by the choice to intervene as little as possible on the existing morphology, leaving free the central strip that allows a panoramic view towards Lake Garda and going to place the two volumes on two different tax quotas such as to allow both a privileged view towards the south and at the same time raised above the neighboring single-family houses.

The houses are divided into two buildings; the outbuilding and the common areas of SPA and swimming pool and the main residence of two floors above ground. Beneath, it develops a basement used as a parking area. The architectural language is unitary for both buildings and uses the combination of horizontal and vertical lines through the use of exposed stone and exposed concrete septa and horizontal slabs which, interspersed in a pattern of projections and movements, create the necessary shielding solar and terraces for the upper floor.

On the façades, the openings are set up to provide the correct air-lighting supply to the premises, adapting them to the internal use destinations and the orientations. On the south side the most consistent openings have been set up with full-height sliding windows with minimal windows to avoid creating visual obstacles to the panoramic view of the lake and to guarantee a constant solar supply during all hours of the day.

To limit the dispersions on the North side, it was decided to minimize the openings in quantity and size, concentrating them only where necessary, so as to give all bathrooms a direct external view. The unitary project axis on which the two different volumes are set consists of a fully permeable pedestrian path; made in the first section in gravel, the walkway is then highlighted by a sequence of dark stones resting directly on the ground in white gravel Japanese style.

The arrangement of the greenery involves the maintenance of the existing olive trees and, where their sediment will be superimposed on that of the project, their replanting in other areas of the garden, the entire perimeter of the area will be fenced for a maximum height of two meters according to regulations in order to ensure the necessary privacy and security to the context.

This perimeter will however be masked by a thick green border and by new plantings whose choice of tree species will be determined in line with the local plantation of the place and the maximum height of growth of the plant so as not to hinder the view and solar irradiation future to new homes. At the end of the property there is also a common vegetable garden available to all the apartments.