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Private Villa in Astana is a complete project going from the landscape to the architecture and eventually to interior design and complete fit out.
The will of the client was to have a large villa in classic style, but being able to benefit from all the comforts in terms of home automation. The language is typically classic, therefore absolutely “Be spoke”, for spaces, furnishings and materials. This is one of the crucial points within the general development of the work because the great value that is perceived is the attention in all the details given by precious materials posed by expert Italian craftsmen.

The Villa is designed on the Client’s family, with a huge double height in the the middle of the mansion from which come down a massive be-spoke 6 metres Murano Glass chandelier. This sculptural hall guides guests to the living area and to the winter garden facing all the hedges and drawings of the external garden. Connected to the central area there is also a private SPA with all the imaginable features that come from the experience of big dealer in this field, always with an Italian touch in personalisation and material. Bedroom wardrobes are worthy of the regal splendor of a bygone era, but with the addition of integrated lighting and automatisms make this an indispensable element for a home.