A++ is an open way of thinking that encompasses today’s architecture and design environment and their cross interdependencies, cross disciplinary and cross cultural influences.

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Louvre Furnishings Group is a diversified, integrated furnishing group specializing in furniture research & development, creative design, outlet management, purchasing, logistics, industrial tourism and five-star hotel operations, and a leader in China’s furnishing circulation sector.

What does it mean to design in China?

Get out of the ordinary, deal with infinite possibilities out of the usuals. China, a country in a not lasting and rapid growth, represents a great challenge and an incredible design goal even for an international architectural firm that has been dealing with different realities all over the world for years; the desire to use creativity, combined with the taste and unique style of Italian craftsmanship, have given life to this project whose objective is to design the future.

Everything starts with nature. There’s no more powerful source of inspiration than nature: its perfect and incomprehensible forms, its strength and vulnerability, the continuous change and surprise. Everything comes from here.

Curves, cuts of light, metal frames, connecting bridges, suspended objects and quadruple height elements are designed to entertain and surprise the visitor.
Three giant pendant lights inspired by Glo by Penta, dominate the central patio and lets visitor to stop and stare to watch the part below.

Symmetrical and blocked shapes, closed volumes that fit together and emerge from the existing façade, create dynamism and give importance to the three main accesses of the commercial center. Architectural details and use of accent lighting, combined with different textures, both material and reflective, create a rational but armonious landmark for the mall.

Treat the skin of a building as a work of art by designing kinetic façades and interactive installations with zero energy. Architecture comes to life, the envelopes change shape and appearance thanks to the latest innovations and technologies. A kinetic facade made of backlit round shapes with engraved Louvre logo, move and shine with wind and light.