A++ is an open way of thinking that encompasses today’s architecture and design environment and their cross interdependencies, cross disciplinary and cross cultural influences.

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The project is a Masterplan in the town of Vaughan, closed to the city of Toronto. It’a beautiful peace of land surrounded by a forest and the terrain is characterized by hills. The aim is avoid to destroy the actual landscape but integrate a project that can be divided by some key points: NATURE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN NATURE AND COMMUNITY One of the main project strategy is the valorization of the area’s natural preexistences, with the analysis of existing costraints and ecological features. The aim is maintain the bush and the creek, and enhance them instead of destroy them. Nature becomes an integral part of the project and the urban layout. We wish to create green corridors aimed to become meeting places, centers of attraction and generatoros of various community events.

COMMUNITY CENTERS OF AGGREGATION TO INCREASE THE SENSE OF COMMUNITY – The integrated design for a more sustainable community should envisage the possibility of easily establish new social bonds among residents. This can be done through the creation of an extensive network of parks and pedestrian and cycle paths but also thanks to the introduction of elements that constitute the core of the urban sociability, such as the square.

GREEN WAYS URBAN GREENWAY CROSSING THE URBAN LAYOUT – The bush becomes a generating element of urban green corridors able to become aggregation points, with the aim of valorize the green areas as collective spaces and urban connection. The new urban greens way are a fundamental element of project, oriented on principal axes along the visual axis of greatest scenic interest. In this way the neighborhoods become spaces characterized by an own life with different functions and activities.