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Nestled in the majestic waters of the western Caribbean, the Cayman Islands are composed of three fascinating islands and boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Located on the edge of George Town, the capital of the country and overlooking the turquoise ocean, this Luxury Hotel Condo will inaugurate a new dimension and a new concept of accommodation structure of the entire islands, south of Seven Mile Beach, the new building is further enhanced by its enviable beachfront with incredible ocean views.

Urbanistically, the project tends to complete an urban emptiness in front of the ocean, marking itself off as a new landmark in the proximity of important commercial activities. Thanks to its seven floors, the building is definitely a new reference point for the urban skyline. The architectural principle on which the hotel is based is generated by the desire to provide all the rooms with the best possible view of the ocean.

The characteristic shape of the project has brought out various problems and peculiarities that were immediately implemented as very interesting design and architectural ideas. From these posts a dynamic and plastic form emerged that communicates with the ocean in a geometric way and defines a new building curtain along one of the main arteries of George Town.

Each room can be reached through a vertical distribution system based on stairs and elevators and a system of protected external balconies that lead to each room. The facades have been designed according to a garrison of different complementary elements that generate depth and movement, design concept of the façade starts from the redesign of the project site and then the layout of the hotel: the façade frames mention the plan itself and create a system of openings and closings thus defining protected and open spaces.

The brise soleil create vertical and horizontal wings generating macro-orders of the facade hierarchized with respect to the frames.

In detail, the hotel has 80 rooms (90 keys) that can become 90 rooms because some of them are designed in a flexible way so as to increase their availability. Rooms distributed as follows: n.56 studio, n.5 suite, n.5 2 bedroom, n.11 3 bedroom, n.3 private villas. Fitness-oriented wellness activities are an integral part of the hotel’s experience.

In the common areas there is a lobby with a dedicated back office, n. 2 restaurants with bars, a gym with an activity room, a spa, a lounge area and a meeting room (3 dedicated rooms). Parking for tenants, visitors, workers and disabled users.