A++ is an open way of thinking that encompasses today’s architecture and design environment and their cross interdependencies, cross disciplinary and cross cultural influences.

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A++ Finance is the group’s real estate syndication company


Our Vision
We seek for the best aggregation of financial resources to acquire a land, purchase a piece of real estate or fund a venture while making a positive and sustainable impact on the communities in which we invest.

In each investment A++ Finance itself is one provider of capital.
A++ finance aims to create long term, strong and direct relationship with each of its investors as the trust of its investors represents A++ Finance highest value.

A++ finance specializes in residential real estate in prime locations, with the potential to create value added returns through development, repositioning and active asset management.


A++ finance is the link between a great design and its successful development.


Our process
A++ Finance takes care of the development of a carefully drafted Feasibility study to ensure greater comfortability with the likelihood of success for a given proposal.

We analyze all macro and microeconomic factors that may impact the profitability of the project such as competitor data, municipal specific challenges, and changing economic trends providing a a clear vision of the exit strategy and of the final positioning of its Real Estate assets.

Each company of the group plays a major role in contributing to the commercial success of the investment; design, perceived value, built quality and communication are all key elements in today’s real estate success mix.

A++ Group has adopted a governance model in order to guarantee the adequate division of responsibilities and powers among all group’s participating entities.

Combining the financial support and market knowledge with the creativity of the architecture, the expertise of the construction, the value provided by brand management and the communication capacities of the companies of the group, we are able to provide a cultural capital hardly quantifiable with money that serves as a dowel action for the success if the investment.

We analyze and make a synthesis of all the investment needs to satisfies spatial solutions, ecological and economical sustainability, conform to legal requirements and meet client’s expectation to achieve extended profitability.


Our experience
We have performed site selection, market analysis, financial feasibility, design and legal considerations, construction, lease-up, operations, and sale of many investments in Switzerland and worldwide.