A++ is an open way of thinking that encompasses today’s architecture and design environment and their cross interdependencies, cross disciplinary and cross cultural influences.

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A++ was born almost 20 years ago, with a studio of 5 people in Milan.

Today we have 8 studios around the world and the team counts more than 150 employees.
When they ask me how this was possible, I answer with two simple words: vision and passion.
Strength comes from passion, where there is passion there is strength. I always say that passion is the fuel of the heart, without it you can’t go anywhere. I put it in my family, in my work, in everything I do. But it’s not enough on its own. Without a long-range vision, determination, a sense of sacrifice, passion and dreams, it doesn’t get you anywhere.
The thing is, when you have a strong enough vision, courage takes care of itself. When you can hear, listen and see your vision, you simply must pursue it, no matter how crazy it may seem in the eyes of others.
I have always imagined A++ not as a simple studio that provides services inherent to the world of architecture, but rather as a multidisciplinary and multicultural project in constant evolution.
By moving the headquarters in Lugano in 2010 this vision has become reality. A++ family began to expand year after year and so also the fields of competence. We have designed residential towers, shopping centers, private residences, residential settlements, but also yachts, design pieces and IOT lighting systems.
The philosophy of A++ is summarized in our claim “HUMAN SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE”, a way of thinking of the built space as a “machine in tune with the human being and with nature”, able to mold itself to his needs in the full awareness that man and progress have consequences on the state of nature; consequences that can be sometimes positive and sometimes negative.
The design of objects of any kind is at the base of progress and therefore of the relative ‘pollution’; in this sense architecture as well as design, for their implications of impact, can play a role of resilience in sustainable development.
The world of design collides with this reality and asks itself questions about how to contribute to save the planet. The issue today, however, is converting words into deeds. We are finally witnessing a deep and exciting integration of elements of environmental sustainability in the culture of companies and this is a sign of how sustainability and respect for the environment are no longer just advertising slogans.
Strong of these values, year after year A++ has managed to grow exponentially thanks to the ability to face each new project as a challenge and an opportunity, always faithful to our approach and our vision. Undoubtedly this attitude to evolve, to continuously improve has been supported by the extraordinary progress that technology has made in recent years, making our work extremely faster. If once we spent hours drawing with ink, today you can print in any format from your smartphone.
We now have tools that indulge our creativity without limit, and we underestimate our true ability if we don’t consider that we can actually get what we want. The flip side of the coin lies in lowering our goals to an “achievable” level, we aim towards something we know we can easily achieve and thus limit our standards, expectations and results.
Thinking big means being able to dream, visualize and achieve what you want without limits. It means being positive, creative and seeing opportunity. Sharing contagious approach that fills your head with achievable goals is the strength of a company and any partnership. As in the case of our current collaboration with HP, which under the cry of “Think Big Print Easy” has revolutionized our way of interacting with printing devices, previously a merely functional tool to be hidden, now an intelligent design object.
Thinking big sometimes isn’t easy. It’s something we have to learn to cultivate over time, every day and in everything we do. However, even when this habit of thinking big is deeply ingrained in us, there will still be times when barriers will have to be overcome, obstacles will have to be climbed over. When those times come, we must continue to think big and do things better, more than ever before. In that wonderful journey called life we have a duty to keep our minds open, free from fears and always think that success is not hidden in the ordinary but in the will to achieve the extraordinary.
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