A++ is an open way of thinking that encompasses today’s architecture and design environment and their cross interdependencies, cross disciplinary and cross cultural influences.

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As you may have heard, a few months ago we moved into our brand new office! Now that we’re all settled in and (almost) all of our decorations are up, we thought we’d give you a little tour and tell you a bit about our new space.

The new A++ office is located in Lugano and it was entirely conceived and designed by us featuring a unique contemporary design with the abundance of natural light.

As soon as you arrive, you will be greeted by a spacious reception area enriched with a precious marble desk and refined with a composition of the iconic Glo lamps, designed by Carlo Colombo.

Take a sit in the intimate waiting area and admire our latest creations on the big screens behind the reception’s desk.

Moving to the open space, we must say that as our team continued to grow up, we needed a convenient place where we can have room to be more efficient; that’s why we create a work environment which would spark productivity, creativity, and well-being amongst our teams and encourage collaboration between departments.

One of the first changes we made it was in fact to remove almost all office walls in order to have open space offices with our different departments grouped together.

The only areas we have enclosed are our management’s offices and the meeting rooms.

Removing office walls was also a chance to underline our work philosophy based on sharing!

Whether it be our customers, our partners or our team members, the quality of our relationships is at the center of our activity.

We really enjoy the lively business dynamics and atmosphere of collaboration and friendliness of the new office!

Our new office also has four meeting rooms, which can be booked remotely thanks to an immediate set up system. The partners’ private meeting room is especially unique: spacious and beautifully design with materials of first choice, like the gorgeous custom made marble desk that confers a luxurious taste.

The relax area, furnished with some iconic pieces from the Giorgetti collection like the sculpture chair, suggests absolute comfort in a contemporary and sophisticated environment.

The partners’ private offices reflect their lifestyle and personality: Paolo’s “green soul” comes out thanks to a stabilized moss wall, while Carlo’s creative nature comes out instead with a style suspended between historical design masterpieces and an accent of modernity and color.

To conclude, our new office is truly a lifestyle hub!

Feel free to stop by and say hello! We are happy and excited to welcome here all newcomers!